Empowering value creation in the digital economy


Welcome to the Digital Order


In the digital world, cognitive technologies unlock multiple intelligences simultaneously to be aware of context, intent and behaviour


Connected devices are fast outnumbering human population, we are going through a revolution of connectedness, where every device including humans are connected reliably all the time


The digital era has technologies that enable trust to be immutable, trust that cannot be repudiated


Empowering value creation in the digital economy

We are in a digitally connected world where constant interactions between entities (people, devices, organizations) are creating networks that have personality resembling real world human networks. This is making the value of entities relevant only in the context of the digital interaction. So, businesses need to intelligently understand trusted interactions between the entities in a continuum, as opposed to static behavioral understanding of the customer, to recognize value in the digital economy. This can be only accomplished through a digital order.

Today's digital technologies, cognitive, IoTs and blockchain are providing an opportunity to create the digital order through a platform-less world where intelligent, distributed, peer to peer, cooperative interactions take place efficiently. This opportunity allows entities to generate value in the digital economy with network based digital services that support intelligent, trusted digital interactions across man machine contexts.

Aicumen is building transformational solutions and business models that harnesses value from these complex digital interactions using Krama, its proprietary cooperative digital mesh that supports creating the digital order. Krama seamlessly brings together intelligence, connectedness and trust to create a fundamental digital fabric on which new digital services can be directly built.

Aicumen leads corporate training initiatives worldwide in blockchain, artificial intelligence, deep learning and IoTs.
Aicumen conducts workshops, hackathons to lead the digital transformation narrative. Aicumen is also working with leading academic institutions to create a general purpose digital DNA to power the adoption and spread of the ICT digital order.



Systems, people and devices are all connected in an increasingly networked world. A world where networks are ubiquitous and develop personalities of their own. A network is made up of a particular device or a node and the interaction. The networks of today have innumerable entities and innumerable number of transactions. The innate nature of these networks and the utility of this interaction data has led to the marginalization of the entity and focus on the interaction itself. So in the coming digital future there are going to be business models and even market solutions that are built on the power of these interactions. In other words the power shifts to the interaction as being the unit of value. The interaction is the infinite moment of truth of the digital age.


The intelligence dimension of the order is the 'what' of the interaction. It has the awareness of the interaction in totality, the intelligence is a combination of the predictive and the rule driven cognition. Third party cognitive services can also be integrated.


This dimension of the order focuses on ensuring the identity, validation and persistent connectivity to the interaction. Each connectivity is traceable from the time of its instantiation.


Trust dimension uses the paradigm of peer to peer, distributed architecture with cryptography to achieve reliable immutability with least overhead in performance and cost.


Digital Transformation Advisory Consulting

Aicumen offers consulting services on a partnership model to craft the journey of digital transformation. We deploy thought capital and experience of our consulting team to unlock the best business value from the digital offerings with the use of the Krama model.
Aicumen also has the ICT maturity model which allows enterprises to assess their current state and chart their course of transformation.

Co-create Digital

Specific value creation opportunities where Aicumen participates directly in the digital business and works closely to create a business model on a shared risk / shared reward model including equity ownership. Some of the current initiatives are:
- Insur Tech
- Human Wellness
- Digital Accounting and Audit
- Virtual Hospitality Experience
- Networked Cooperative Services
- Trusted Drones

Digital Transformation Training / Thought Leadership

Aicumen leads various evangelism initiatives worldwide in its role as the first digital transformation focused company.
Aicumen has built curriculum and has academic partnerships to offer training services to enterprises and general public with specific offerings.



team member

Anantha Krishnan

Founder, CEO

Anantha Krishnan is an innovative thinker with broad-based expertise in business transformation, data sciences, strategy and technology. A proven thought leader and expert in Digital Sciences, Anantha has also delivered several path-breaking solutions to Fortune 100 clients. A former partner at Accenture, NY, he has worked with several C-level executives globally to create technology enabled new business models. Over the past few years, he has incubated and grown a couple of startups in edtech and analytics. Anantha is an alumnus of IIT, Mumbai and Stern School of Business, New York.

team member

Karthik Balasubramanian

Founder, CBO

Entrepreneur with versatile skills in business and technology with more around 20 years in professional experience in the technology services space. Has been a hands-on leader with passionate contribution to practice setup, product development, business strategy, financial planning and control, apart from general management, marketing, business development, talent development. Have a rich leadership experience, from steering complex joint ventures and managing Boards to thought leadership and spurring innovation in startups.

team member

Ken Reed

Member of the Advisory Board

Dr. Ken is a Data Scientist with his deep expertise and experience of 30+ years in statistical modeling, Machine learning, data mining, forecasting, marketing analytics and optimization. He has helped several organizations in developing and implementing methodologies for forecasting, pricing, banner and search advertising, optimized bidding, and optimized placing. Expert in data warehousing (Teradata) with patents for analytic structures in very large data, developing new methodologies for predictive and big data modeling, data mining and deep learning.

team member

Lisa Diaz Nash

Member of the Advisory Board

Lisa Diaz Nash, CEO, LN Marketing Associates, is a seasoned social entrepreneur, consumer marketer & political advocate with 3 decades of start-up & international brand management experience. As Co-Founder, Entrepreneurs for Hillary, Lisa helped build a community of nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs nationwide. Lisa advised marketing efforts at several Silicon Valley start-ups & led marketing groups at companies including Yahoo!, E*TRADE, Charles Schwab, VISA & American Express. In 2012, she was named one of the "Silicon Valley 100 Women of Influence."


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