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We are in a digitally connected world where constant interactions between entities (people, devices, organizations) are creating networks that have a personality resembling real world human networks. This is making the value of entities relevant only in the context of the digital interaction. So, businesses need to intelligently understand trusted interactions between the entities in a continuum, as opposed to static behavioral understanding of the customer, to recognize value in the digital economy. This can be only accomplished through a digital order.


The computing era was an era where computers unleashed speed, efficiency and automation to a world that was just experiencing the fruits of the Industrial Revolution. The focus was on creating products which could generate value for the companies of this age. The innovation resulted in opportunities for revenue based on the licensing of the technology to users. Technology helped support and grow businesses.

TCP / IP unleashed the flat world - the Internet era. Here marketplaces were born and supply met demand in a borderless world. The monetization model was subscription or rental and the financial metric was Gross Merchandisable Value. Here technology was the enabler of the business. The blockchain and technologies like AI bring us now to the digital era, an era where interaction is the driver of value. Interactions are multidimensional. They capture and persist multiple facets. They are intelligent, reliable and continuously connected. Trust is absolutely essential.

Krama Intelligent Protocol - KIP

The Gen 3 Blockchain
Technology (BCT)

The Gen 3 Blockchain Technology that integrates blockchain, cognition and customizable trust to help businesses deploy distributed intelligent applications (DIApps). KIP has sophisticated proprietary architectural components for big data management, AI, scalability and distributed trust. The protocol also delivers Total Digital Utility - an industry first multidimensional model for value in the digital world .

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Finets are groups of individuals coming together to achieve their individual aspirations by unlocking the implicit trust in their social networks. Finets use digital technologies and crypto-economics to unlock this implicit trust using cooperative financial vehicles and value mechanisms. Trust is persisted in Finets by Social Trust Quotient(STQ), a continually evolving, multidimensional measure, derived from the composite social interactions of the participants.



TransactBlock is the first product to offer the fund-raising community a platform, based on KIP, that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts, to provide instant transparency and reconciliation for invested partners. This transparency will allow all participants to better understand the value of their investments and make successful business decisions. With operating costs reduced by orders of magnitude with automated investment management, the barriers to invest can be drastically reduced, providing global, non-equities based investments to a larger demographic of investors in the new digital order. TransactBlock enables individuals and families to create wealth with investment opportunities currently unavailable.


Digital AccountantTM

Digital AccountantTM is an industry leading audit tool for managing ledgers using blockchain technology. This allows firms to introduce blockchain technology into the accounting practices of a company to revolutionize accounting practices for the new digital order. With a foundation in KIP, an Ethereum based digital mesh that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts, company executives, auditors, and advisors will be able to improve predicative modeling and provide As-A-Service offerings (Tax, Accounting, and Audit). Digital AccountantTM integrates blockchain technology, smart contracts (tax codes), and AI to simplify the effort required for Auditors and improves reliability of real-time metrics for business decisions with an immutable audit trail. Reducing the effort for historical proof and reporting will allow accounting professionals to focus on value adding, forward looking analysis.



PharmaCoin provides a revolutionary Platform to conduct secure, safe transactions in the marijuana economy. This is a unique combination of mobile technologies, medical users, businesses, regulators, cryptocurrency, and blockchain allows the marijuana economy to be safer, reduce costs, and enforce guidelines and regulations. Using KIP, an Ethereum based digital mesh that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts, participants in the marijuana economy can conduct business PharmaCoins, removing the need for cash and increasing security for consumers and businesses alike. PharmaCoin also provides standard accounting software for businesses streamline operations and reduce costs in an increasingly competitive market.



Aurum is a unique peer-to-peer lending platform based on precious metals. This KIP, an Ethereum based digital mesh that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart contracts, based lending platform allows people to securitize their gold and other precious metals and tokenize the value to invest. Aurum utilizes KIP's revolutionary social quotient services to “rate” participants and provide trust and risk rating between digital identities. This will allow underserviced and non-banking people and businesses to have access to much need capital. For lenders, Aurum allows the underlying asset to have a digital presence and generate wealth beyond that of the traditional metals value and allowing them to participate in markets that are not open to them today


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